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Simulators for nuclear power plants

Nuclear power plant simulators Our company has developed, built, maintains and continuously develops simulators for both Czech nuclear power plants. They simulate in real time and in great detail the functions of most power plant equipment in the almost complete range of their operating modes and are equipped with a full-fledged replica of the control room. It is used primarily for the training of operators, which allows them to practice standard equipment operation and the management of non-standard situations or accidents.

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STEP (Support of the Trade and Electricity Production) is a modular scalable information and real-time control system. STEP controls electricity power production with compliance of business requirements of power company – in terms of a liberalized electricity market.

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About company

The OSC, a.s. company is focused on providing high-quality, technically advanced engineering services and products for small as well as large power producers, distributors and resellers. Its’s size among medium-sized businesses allows individual access to customers. Most services are tailored on the basis of an individual contract with the customer. The tasks are solved by flexibly created project-oriented teams, always led by technically competent and experienced project managers.

The beginnings of the know-how are tied up with the building of automation in Czechoslovak power industry. This long tradition has made possible to acquire the valuable knowledge and the rich expertise currently available to the company.

We rely on professionalism and high quality of service.

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Simulation systems division

The activity of this division is focused on design, development, manufacturing and delivery of state of the art training simulators for power industry, especially for nuclear power plants. The development team has a long tradition of over 30 years in this field.

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Control Systems Division

The division provides a wide range of engineering services associated with design, feasibility study, realization, launching, verification, tuning, modification and operation optimization of automatic monitoring and control systems structure and function, used mostly for real time applications in power industry: mainly power plants and heating units burning fossil fuel, nuclear power plants, hydro power plants, etc.

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Selected references

ČEZ, a.s. - Power plant Tušimice

Guarantee measurement of battery energy storage system (BESS) in power plant Tušimice



ČEZ, a.s. - Nuclear power plant Dukovany

2018 - 2019
Hardware upgrade and rehost of full scope simulator and display simulator in nuclear power plant Dukovany



ČEPS, a.s.

Proposal for amendments of the Grid Code (ČEPS TSO) - new rules of evaluating balancing services, changing of balancing services provision to net supply



C-Energy Planá s.r.o. - Heating station Planá nad Lužnicí

C-Energy Planá power plant terminal - controling of battery energy storage system (BESS) in balancing services for Czech TSO



ČEZ, a.s. - Pumped storage power plant Dalešice

2005 - 2019
Certification measurement of ancillary services island operation capability, black start capability and quick starting reserve in pumped storage plant Dalešice



Fortum Generation AB - Hydro power plant Gammelänge (Sweden)

Hydro power plants Gammelänge (Sweden) - tests relevant to Kaplan turbine during putting into operation