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Control systems divisions

The division provides a wide range of engineering services associated with design, feasibility study, realization, launching, verification, tuning, modification and operation optimization of automatic monitoring and control systems structure and function, used mostly for real time applications in power industry: mainly power plants and heating units burning fossil fuel, nuclear power plants, hydro power plants, etc.

Control Circuits Tuning of Power Plant

Electric Power Production and Consumption Management

Ancillary Services

  • Certification measuring under the Grid Code
  • Preparing for certification
  • Elaboration of studies requested by the TSO
  • Preparing a power plant to provide ancillary services
  • Power plant terminal



2018 - 2019

ČEZ, a.s. - Power plant Mělník 1

Conversion of algorithms from control system ZAT to control system Ovation, optimization, start-up and tuning of boilers K1, K2 and turbines TG1, TG2 in power plant Mělník 1
2002 - 2018

Praha - Ruzyně airport

Delivery of DT-100 time displays for Praha - Ruzyně airport; renewal of delivered displays after 16 years of operation

Argos Elektro, a.s.

Delivery of GPSNTP time servers with active antenna