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About company

Company history

Company OSC, a.s. was established under it's originally name ORGREZ SC, a.s. in September 1994, as a result of transformation of former division of Simulation and Control Systems (earlier Department of Automation) of company ORGREZ into an independent joint stock company. Major part of employees of the former division passed into the newly established subject together with all former obligations and claims. Historically, the company picked up the threads of the above mentioned Department of Automation and later on division of Simulation and Control Systems in the Czech and - Slovak power industry, which dates back to 1957.

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Company bodies

Members and their functions in Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and Executive Management.

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Simulation systems division

The activity of this division is focused on design, development, manufacturing and delivery of state of the art training simulators for power industry, especially for nuclear power plants. The development team has a long tradition of over 30 years in this field.

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Control Systems Division

The division provides a wide range of engineering services associated with design, feasibility study, realization, launching, verification, tuning, modification and operation optimization of automatic monitoring and control systems structure and function, used mostly for real time applications in power industry: mainly power plants and heating units burning fossil fuel, nuclear power plants, hydro power plants, etc.

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