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HPP Slapy – guarantee measurement of unit TG2 after refurbishment


In October 2023, the guarantee measurement of refurbished unit TG2 at HPP Slapy was performed. The unit was tested at four different heads, Gibson method was used for water flow determination.

In addition to the determining the turbine efficiency, significant dynamic parameters of the unit, such as relative and absolute vibrations, pressure pulsations, noise and cavitation emissions, etc., were measured and evaluated in cooperation with company Litostroj Engineering, a.s., including comparison with the corresponding parameters of the unit TG2 before refurbishment.

The measurement was complicated by the occurrence of significant technical issues (manufactory defect of all sensors placed in penstock, broken impulse piping in turbine spiral case), nevertheless it was successfully finished. The results showed that all guaranteed values for efficiency, maximum power, vibration and other verified parameters were met. Moreover evaluated optimal ON-CAM will effectively utilize the hydropower potential processed by the unit TG2.