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Optimization of ON-CAM relation in selected hydro power plants in Austria


From 21st September 2020 to 2nd October 2020, measurements were carried out for the Austrian company Wien Energie on five tubular Kaplan turbines in a total of four hydropower plants. The purpose of the measurements was to verify the correctness of the existing ON-CAM relations and their possible optimization with regard to maximum efficiency. Index method (measurement of pressure difference at turbine) was used to determine the flow in all cases.

Unzmarkt-Frauenburg power plant
There are two identical units at this power plant, where unit TG2 showed significantly worse efficiency compared to unit TG1, although the original setting of ON-CAM relation was same for both machines. By optimizing unit TG2, an increase in efficiency and thus production was achieved by about 3%. In the case of unit TG1, the efficiency was increased by up to 1%.

Kindberg and Mürzhofen power plants
The two power plants are similar in layout, with one unit each. In both cases, the optimization increased efficiency by up to 1%.

Berndorf power plant
A complete installation and verification of the measuring apparatus took place at the power plant, unfortunately before the start of the measurement it was found impossible to untie the ON-CAM relation in the control system on site. Therefore the measurement was cancelled at this power plant.