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Simulator of the Temelin nuclear power plant on ČT


One of the key products of OSC, a.s. – a simulator of the Temelin nuclear power plant - you could see it in action in the popular TV show Miracles of Nature broadcast on Saturday, June 13, 2020 on ČT1.

The simulator is owned by ČEZ and is intended primarily for the nuclear power plant operators training, who practice solving standard and non-standard situations during operation. However, due to the accuracy and complexity of the simulation, it is increasingly used to verify handling procedures and operating regulations, and the intended modifications of automatics and controllers are also tested on it.

The simulator also plays a major role in the periodic emergency exercise "Blackout", in which the operators are practicing synergy of the energy companies ČEZ, ČEPS and E.ON is practiced.

Our company developed and supplied a similar simulator with the same quality parameters for the power plant Dukovany.