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HPP Jumisko, unit commissioning and guarantee measurement


From mid-July to the end of August 2021, OSC. participated in the commissioning of Jumisko hydro power plant (Finland, region Kemijärvi). OSC provided a technical support to turbine supplier (ČKD Blansko, Holding Company). Subsequently OSC performed the guarantee measurement of the turbine.
HPP Jumisko is unique in that:

  • It is situated on the polar circle, unit is placed in a cavern.
  • It is hydro power plant with the highest head in Finland (approx. 96 m).
  • The turbine is of Francis type, which is not very common in Finland (runner diameter 2090 mm, power approx. 30 MW).

OSC supported the unit commissioning process by measurement and on spot data analysis and by troubleshooting of arisen difficulties which contributed to faster hand over of unit to HPP's owner (Pohjolan Voima – Vesivoima Oly Company).

The guaranteed values of absolute and relative (shaft) vibrations of unit were accomplished. Unfortunately the data for generator efficiency evaluation were not for disposal, therefore the assessment of guaranteed turbine efficiency fulfillment was not possible. However, usage the usual efficiencies of similar generators indicates that turbine guaranties are met.