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Guarantee measurement at new small HPP Tass (Hungary)


During period 28. 4. – 1. 5. 2021, the guarantee measurement of unit TG1 and TG2 at new small HPP Tass was performed (supplier of turbines Mavel, a.s.). This power plant is located at the end of Ráskevei-Duna channel, approx. 50 km southward of Budapest city (Hungary).

Both units (Kaplan turbines, “bulb” type) are unique by their operational mode. They can work in turbine mode (in flow direction from channel to Danube river) as well as in pumping mode (in flow direction from Danube River do channel or in opposite direction).

The guarantee measurement has proved accomplishment of efficiency and power guaranties in turbine mode as well supply of guaranteed water amount pumped from Danube River to of Ráskevei-Duna channel.